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AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco)-Twitch, Ethnicity, Siblings, Age, Net Worth, Height, Family, Nationality, Bio, Career, Wiki


Who is AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco)?

In 1991, Amy Demicco was born on March 1 in Boston, MA. She has over 54k Twitch followers to date. Amy started playing paper Magic: The Gathering when she studied in college in 2009. During her college days, Demicco found out about streaming and began streaming for fun.

Later, her interest in streaming grew after MTG arena closed beta and started streaming seriously in 2017. In 2019, Amy’s channel gained worldwide recognition after she signed compLexity in January and turned herself into a full-time streamer in the same year. She is popularly known in MTG Arena and the paper MTG communities for her deck building skills. Demicco is pretty filled, has a genuine love for MTG, and enjoys experimenting with deck builds.

Quick Facts about Streamer AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco)

In 1991, Amy was born in Boston. As of now, Amy’s age is 31 years old. Holding American nationality, Amy is of white ethical background. Currently, Demicco is residing in the United States. Every year, Amy celebrates her birthday on March 1. There are no details about Amy’s height, weight, parents, father and mother, and siblings. However, She has a pet named Scraps. Amy is an introverted type who doesn’t like to talk too much about herself and her family.

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Age (How old is AMAZONIAN)31 years old as of 2022
Date of BirthMarch 1, 1991
Zodiac signN/A
Birth PlaceBoston
Home TownBoston

AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco) Personal Life and Gaming Career

In 2009, Demicco began playing the paper version of Magic: The Gathering when she was in her college days, and her friend introduced it to her. Shortly after getting into MTG, Amy found out streaming on several MTG forums began broadcasting the occasional stream for fun. However, Demicco only started streaming seriously as soon as Wizards of the Coast gave streamers the green light to stream MTG: Arena during its closed beta in 2017. As Demicco’s subscribers slowly started to grow, she finally decided to take a break from her other works and return to college to complete her study in software development.

In 2019, Amy signed with complexity gaming, which helped her grow as a streamer. She attended LAN events like the MTG Mythic Invitational event and gathered exposure by competing there. And, after 2019, Amazonian’s subscribers grew surprisingly a lot which made her able to be a full-time streamer. Amy loves engaging with her chat and always develops exciting names for her decks. Amy has an upbeat personality and uses relatively clean enough language that her viewers could understand.

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AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco) Net worth and Income

Amy has over 1,400 subscribers to date. This would minimum earn her USD 3,500 monthly, which excludes Amy’s other income from tiered subscribers, sponsorships, complexity salary, tournaments winnings, merchandise sales, Twitch cheer bit donations and tips. According to Exports Earnings, Demiccos has owned over $20,000 from several MTG Arena tournaments.

Amy’s exact net worth is currently not available to date. However, having an enormous amount of subscribers and other sources of income, Demicco is living a luxurious and comfortable life.

AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco) Family and Relationship

To date, there are no details available about Demicco’s family background. To date, Amy is a very introverted type of person who has not provided any information about her parents, father and mother, and siblings.

According to various sources, Amy is in a relationship with her longtime boyfriend. Demicco is yet to get married. However, the details like Amy’s boyfriend’s name, career, etc., have not been provided. Amy’s fans eagerly wait for the day when she will settle down with her family and have a happy and prosperous life.


AMAZONIAN (Amy Demicco) Social Media

Amy has successfully gathered many subscribers on her Youtube channel named Amazonian, which is about 6.2k and is still counting. Demicco is seen using social media platforms like Twitter. Her Twitter account @coL_Amazonian has about 16.8k followers and has followed 328 people. To date, Amy has tweets 28k tweets. Though Demicco is active on Twitter, her presence in other social media networks like Instagram Facebook is not available to date. Demicco has 54.5k followers on her Twitch account.

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Facebook – N/A

Instagram – N/A

YouTube – www.Youtube.com/Amazonian
Reddit –

Did You Know?

  1. In 1991, Amy Demicco was born on March 1.
  2. As of 2022, Amy is 31 years old.
  3. Holding American nationality, Demicco is of white ethnical background.
  4. Amy’s birthplace is Boston, MA.
  5. Her Youtube channel, Amazonian, has 6.2k subscribers to date.
Where is Amy Demicco currently living?

Amy Demicco is currently living in the United States.

What is Demicco’s age as of 2022?

Demicco’s age is 31 years old as of 2022.

What is her Twitter account?

Her Twitter account is @coL_Amazonian.

What is Demicco’s nationality?

Demicoo belongs to an American nationality.