DMCA Policy

DMCA policy

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy applies to our products and services at Twitch Hero. The policy covers how we, the website operator, handle copyright infringement notifications, as well as how you file a complaint.

All intellectual property is respected and protected by us, and we expect our authorized agents and users to do the same. We follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) in the United States and respond to situations such as copyright infringement.  It deals with the consequences of copyright infringement on the internet. When copyright infringement is discovered online, this act protects content creators by “creating mechanisms for proper notice” to OSPs.

Title II of the Internet Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act (OCILLA) provides a conditional safe harbor for liability for copyright infringement by online service providers. It is part of the DMCA as Section 512 of the Copyright Act. These processes enable the owner of this website or, as their chosen agent, to send valid DMCA Takedown Notices to an OSP in the event that infringed material has been found on their servers. The points can be found here.

You can either send a DMCA notification yourself or engage a DMCA agent to do so on your behalf. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to follow the instructions carefully. If you don’t, your request may be rejected.

Points to Remember

It is not necessary to register a copyright on your work in order for it to be protected by the DMCA. However, if you find up in a legal struggle, registering the copyright could make things easier for you.

You should be aware of what fair usage entails and ensure that your piece or artwork does not fall into this category. Fair use is a copyright law provision that permits people to use portions of copyrighted content without obtaining permission. They can use snippets to criticize, comment on, or parody your work for “transformative” objectives. Also, if your work is protected by free speech, you can’t claim that it was infringed upon.

DMCA Notification

You should try to contact us with the copyrighted material in a courteous manner before issuing a DMCA notification. It’s possible that we had no idea you owned the content. We may have discovered the content on a site where you were unaware it was posted, and discovering this could lead you to the true perpetrator. If your work has been infringed upon on many websites, you’ll need to file a DMCA notice for each case.

We may potentially close your account. Before taking this action, we talk to the people who have been wronged about removing or restricting such content.

Acquiring an Agent to Issue the Notice

Writing and sending a DMCA notice without the assistance of a third party is not difficult. If you possess a lot of content, though, you’ll probably notice that your copyrights are frequently violated. Hiring a DMCA notice service will save your time.