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drlupo (Benjamin Lupo)-Wife, Net Worth, Son, Age, Real Name, Height, Twitch, Ethnicity, Wiki

Who is drlupo (Benjamin Lupo)?

On March 20, 1987, Benjamin Lupo was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Benjamin is also commonly known as DrLupo and is an American streamer and Youtuber. DrLupo (Benjamin Lupo) is well-known for his Twitch and YouTube video game broadcasting.

Lupo has over 2.5 million Twitch followers as a professional player. He updates his YouTube channel with new stuff and highlights from his Twitch streams. He attended the annual ‘TwitchCon’ event in 2017, which was hosted at the ‘Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center.’ Lupo now earns ten times his former six-figure wage as a full-time gamer and social media star.

Quick Facts About Twitch Streamer Benjamin Lupo

Benjamin is also commonly known as DrLupo and is an American streamer and Youtuber. DrLupo (Benjamin Lupo) is well-known for his Twitch and YouTube video game broadcasting.

Dr Lupo is from March 20, 1987, which makes him 33 years old right now as of 2022. Benjamin is 182 cm tall, equivalent to almost 6 feet and inches in height.

Lupo was born in the city called Omaha, Nebraska, and began streaming full-time at 30. Lupo previously worked as a systems engineer for a local insurance company in his hometown.

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Age35 years old as in 2022
Date of Birth20 March, 1987
Height6 ft. 1 inch
Zodiac signPisces
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Home TownOmaha, Nebraska

drlupo (Benjamin Lupo) Personal Life and Gaming Career

Benjamin Lupo’s father,  James Lupo, died in 2018 at 65. His mother, Regina, would play games like Tetris with him throughout his youth. Benjamin also has three elder brothers, who influenced him even more. Benjamin married Samantha in 2010, and they have a four-year-old boy named Charlie, born on August 12, 2015.

Lupo began his broadcasting career with Destiny before battle royale games like H1Z1. His channel expanded once he started playing Fortnite. He frequently streamed alongside Ninja, Myth, and TimTheTatman. Lupo set the Fortnite world record for most vehicle trick points on October 20, 2018, with a score of 49,256,200 while driving the Quadcrasher. He raised $600,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2018. He established a target of raising at least $2 million for the hospital in 2019. He ended up exceeding his $2.3 million objectives. Lupo officially secured an exclusive partnership with Twitch in December 2019.

In the year 2020, Lupo began playing Escape from Tarkov. He characterized the game as “unlike any other game I can think of right now” and said it could be played differently. He called the game “an incredible blast.” Lupo also plays Fall Guys and is regarded as the finest player in the world by some. Lupo also took part in an Among Us stream alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and other streaming personalities such as Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Myth as a get-out-the-vote (GOTV) event. Lupo inked an exclusivity contract with YouTube as a video creator in August 2021, ending his roughly one and a half year deal with Twitch.

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drlupo (Benjamin Lupo) Net worth and Income

DrLupo has an estimated net worth of around $386.08 thousand US dollars. At the same time, Dr Lupo’s finalized net worth is not known. Lupo’s Youtube Channel attracts 1.61 million views a month and around 53.62 thousand views per day. YouTubers can earn between $3 to 7 thousand dollars per video view. According to Net Worth Spot, it is estimated that DrLupo makes $6.43 thousand a month and around $96.52 thousand US dollars a year.

drlupo (Benjamin Lupo) Family and Relationship

Dr Lupo, actual name Benjamin Lupo, has a gorgeous family to be proud of, a promising job, and a charming wife. When Lupo first took his path to the gaming zone, his parents encouraged him to alter his position from a system engineer to a professional gamer. However, he had to go through a tragedy when one of his parents, Lupo’s father, died due to a heart attack at only 65 years old.

DrLupo found the woman who encourages him with what he’s been doing and is ambitious about; the lady is none other than his wife with whom he shared his wedding vowed in 2010. Her name is Samantha.

FatherJames Lupo
MotherRegina Lupo

drlupo (Benjamin Lupo) social media

YouTube –
Reddit –
discord –

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Did You Know?

  • As growing up, drlupo’s mother, Regina, enjoyed playing Tetris along with him.
  • Lupo’s priority was to begin an internet career, for which Lupo had been working as a systems engineer in his hometown.
  • Over the years, Lupo has collaborated with several fellow YouTubers who do gaming, such as Ninja, Myth, Dr DisRespect, etc.
  • DrLupo first joined Youtube on October 06, 2013, and uploaded his first ever video on June 27, 2015.
  • In August of 2021, DrLupo left Twitch for Youtube Gaming after signing an exclusive contract.
  • Lupo began to play at a very young age.

Frequently Asked Questions About drlupo (Benjamin Lupo)

Is Dr Lupo a doctor?

The tag of Lupo’s name, “drLupo”, was based on a joke in college about his father.

How much dr.Does Lupo raise for charity?

Dr Lupo surpasses $10 million in a lifetime fundraising for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the 24-hour Build Against Cancer Livestream.

How much did Twitch donate to DrLupo?

Around $1 million US dollars to Lupo during Lupo’s event, held last year.

How old is Lupo?

Lupo is around 35 years old as of 2022.

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